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    • December 01, 2020 Flower of Life Crystal Suncatcher

      This lovely new suncatcher with a magnificent 50mm Swarovski creates depicts the Flower of Life, a symbol of creation so a great gift for a new baby, perhaps for a baptism or naming celebration.  

    • November 20, 2020 iBeanis are back!
      iBeanis are back!

      Back in stock, these popular, award winning iBeani iPad or tablet cushions have fresh new designs. 

    • November 10, 2020 Elephant Crochet Kits

      We have two new adorable elephant crochet kits. I can't decide which is my favourite; the cute mini cushion or the cool keyring cum bag charm. Might have to make both! 

    • November 05, 2020 New Brolly Designs

      We have just stocked up on our beautiful Art Umbrellas (see my favourite, Monet's Garden, below) and couldn't resist adding a few more! Love this Landscape scene in the stained glass style, and two cute, fun brollies for kids. 

      See all our brollies, including the innovative inside out and sport umbrellas, in our Out & About collection