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Whatever event you’re attending this season – whether it’s Royal Ascot or Henley Regatta, Glyndebourne or Glastonbury, WI fete or summer wedding – styling your outfit with the perfect piece(s) of jewellery is key to making you look, and feel, fabulous. A single statement piece can look stunning. Or maybe you agree with Coco Chanel that “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”? Whichever you prefer, it’s never been easier to find jewellery that adds that sparkling final touch to your special outfit.

Jewellery has been worn since prehistoric times – starting with simple necklaces made from beads and shells, versions of which we still buy today. As well as being beautiful, jewels often have symbolic and special meanings. Diamonds, for example, were used as eyes in ancient Hindu devotional statues. The Greeks likened them to tears of the gods and the Romans saw them as splinters of fallen stars, encouraging bravery. We use them now in engagement rings to represent love and eternity, and also to symbolise 60th wedding anniversaries – not forgetting other stepping stone gems including pearl (30), ruby (40) and gold (50 years).

Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her love of jewellery, especially signature pieces with emeralds, diamonds and pearls, and her extraordinary collection was sold by Christie’s for nearly £75m in 2011. But this April Sotheby’s set the stage for the world record sale of an individual gem - the flawless Pink Star diamond, which reached over £57m! Of course you don’t need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars - if you have a favourite piece of jewellery, you may already be there. But will it work well with the outfit you’ve selected for your special event?

If you’re not sure, here are our seven key style tips to help you dress to impress:

Choose a signature piece that flatters your features - if you have long slim fingers or wrists, a statement ring or bracelet will show these off beautifully. Pearl necklaces flatter all complexions too!

Long earrings look stylish when paired with a strapless dress or plain high collared top.

A large jewelled cuff or an assortment of bracelets balances out a halterneck style top

Necklaces work well with round/V-necked dresses/tops if they sit above the neckline. Or try a longer drop pendant or chunkier necklace with a high neckline outfit.

For patterned or multicoloured outfits, simple gold, silver or platinum designs work well. And dramatic/colourful jewellery will stylishly accentuate a simple shift dress.

If your outfit is predominantly blue/green based, silver or platinum jewellery match these cooler tones; accessorise gold jewellery with warmer red, orange and brown-based shades.

Lastly, your jewellery pieces don’t need to match exactly – a complementary mix of designs is more contemporary.

And – most importantly – have fun perfecting your own uniquely impressive and stylish look!

Why not start by checking out our carefully handpicked jewellery & accessories collection [click here] for inspiration?

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A Personalised Fathers Day Gift Idea

Dads are special and so it's important to find that special fathers day gift that he is going to really treasure. A personalised gift or handmade gift is always a good way to make something perfect for someone you love.
Fathers Day is all about THANKING DAD for all the love and support he gives. For all the special memories you have together and for showing you are grateful for everything he does for you.

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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Invited to a Naming Ceremony?

A useful summary of the most popular forms of baby naming ceremonies in the UK today, including Humanist or non-religious naming ceremonies and those practised by Muslms, Jews, Hindus and Sikh 

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Baby Shower dilemma of a British Mum-to-Be.

Baby Shower dilemma of a British Mum-to-Be.

Live in the UK and wondering whether to have a baby shower? What will your friends think? Will they be comfortable with it or will they see it as a blatant request for presents?

Originating in the USA in the post WWII baby boom period , baby showers are becoming ever more popular in the UK. However many are still not comfortable with the idea. Much like Halloween, they resist it as a materialistic American custom. So new Mums have a bit of a dilemma. To hold a baby shower or not is just one question. When to have it? Who to invite? This article sets out to help with these decisions.

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Unusual Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Unusual Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mums make home special. For Mothers Day, make home special for mum.

When it comes to Mothers Day, it's one day that mums really do deserve to be spoilt.

So what can you do to show thanks for the endless amount of days, well - years, that mums tirelessly put their children first from babes to big grown up boys and girls?
Here are a few ideas we love!

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Getting Ready for Winter

 As the summer sun cools, and long days outside fade into hazy memory, now is the time to start thinking about how to get your garden ready for the colder months. Your small patch of the great outdoors is home to many welcome creatures, and their habitats will have gathered all sorts of debris during the summer.


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Children and Weddings – a Match Made in Heaven!

Children and Weddings – a Match Made in Heaven!

How to enjoy a wedding when you’re bringing young children

Blossom, green leaves, windswept sunshine – spring is peeking out at us at last, and with it comes Wedding Season! You may have already found hefty, linen-lined envelopes dropping onto the doormat, inviting you to champagne receptions, glorious rural banquets, or chic city hotels to celebrate with friends and family.

So far, so good – but if you have young children, what used to be an excuse for a huge party with your besties can become a minefield of parenting etiquette.

No matter how creative you are, weddings don’t come cheap. The time, effort and money invested by the bride and groom and their families matter to you – as their friends, you want to honour that by making the day go as smoothly and joyfully as possible. After all, marriage is a cornerstone of our culture, and celebrates family and community – so there must be a way for everybody to enjoy a wedding!

What to wear

Dressing your best is one of the ways we recognise the significance of a wedding day – and your little ones shouldn’t be any different. Every girl has something they simply love to wear: maybe a favourite dress, or perhaps their most fabulous shoes? If your daughter isn’t the frock type, she might enjoy choosing an accessory (like a new necklace, hair ornament or bag) to team with her jeans, and make her outfit extra special.

A waistcoat and tie dresses up a casual shirt and trousers so that your little boy looks the part on the day, too – you don’t need to spend much to create a wedding outfit which they can wear to every formal occasion throughout the year – and since many weddings have group photos taken, it’s a lovely way to show the bride and groom that your whole family appreciate the day.

Whatever the children wear, remember to make it comfortable, with various layers to keep warm during the inevitable chilly photos outside of the church or temple. A few extra changes are a good idea too, especially for babies.

What to give

When you’re browsing the gift list, involve your children in choosing the present you’re buying. Alternatively they may like to give something small themselves, like one of our sweet glass hearts.

Or even a handmade card or picture. Most of us no longer have the pepper mill from Aunty Jo, or vase from Graham in Accounts, but a lovingly hand drawn picture of the bride and groom with a bouquet will stay on the fridge for a very long time!


What to bring

Food is at the heart of every wedding – it’s a feast day after all! – so making sure that your children are well fed and watered is completely in the spirit of the event. Bring easy snacks like dried fruit and cereal for the service, and to hold hunger at bay in the long wait for the meal to begin later on.

There’s often a special menu for the children at the reception – check this out when you receive your invitation – and if it’s just smoked salmon and consommé on offer, pack some sandwiches and a cereal bar!

Baby wipes are crucial to keeping that wedding outfit looking snappy for longer, so bring those too, along with a favourite read, colouring books and pencils in case they need some help to get them from “I do” to the disco…

What to expect

It may be a long day, with possibly quite a bit of travelling to various venues, and you can find out about the facilities before you go, such as whether there’ll be room to park buggies, or a microwave to heat milk. Aim to enjoy it where you can, and don’t require perfection. Your family have been invited because you’re special to the happy couple – they want to include you at the very start of their own adventure together, and that’s something to celebrate! 

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What is Anodised Aluminium?

What is Anodised Aluminium?

How is Anodised Aluminium Jewellery made?

Aluminium is anodised by suspending sheets of the metal in sulphuric acid and passing electricity through them. This process opens up tiny pores on the surface of the aluminium allowing certain dyes and inks to penetrate. The metal is hand drawn and coloured and sometimes is over-dyed by dipping the metal into specialised dyes. At this point the metal cannot be touched as the moisture from the skin would leave marks so gloves are worn.

The metal sheets are then heat sealed using a steaming process, sealing the colour inside the pores. This sealing process also ensures the aluminium will never fade or tarnish. The metal is then cut into shapes for the jewellery and the edges smoothed. Each piece is then 'domed and dapped', using traditional silver smiths' methods. This also strengthens the metal ensuring it does not lose it's shape. Finally the pieces are polished and are then ready to assemble into the finished piece of jewellery.

Aluminium is hypoallergenic, light and comfortable to wear which makes it ideal for quite large dramatic pieces of jewellery at affordable prices. Two pieces are never exactly the same!

About Cherry.
Our designer is Cherry Green who is an experienced craft designer and teacher. Cherry has even shared her knowledge and expertise regularly on the craft TV channels. Jewellery making is just one of her creative talents! Within jewellery making she is creative with all sorts of techniques and materials. Anodised aluminium is one of favourites as it allows her to be truly creative with the painting and cutting processes.

Our range of anodised aluminium earrings, necklace & earring sets illustrate her creative genius at very affordable prices.

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Making Passover Interesting for Children

Passover is celebrated in April by Jewish communities all over the world. At this time Jewish people remember how the children of Israel left slavery behind them when they were led out of Egypt by Moses over 3000 years ago. Children will learn about the ten plagues Moses threatened would come down on Egypt if the Israelites were not set free. 

Here are some great ideas for things that you can make and do with children on the theme of ten plagues over the 8 days of the feast.

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