A Personalised Fathers Day Gift Idea

Blue-black and silver coloured acrylic pen on stone
Dads are special and so it's important to find that special Father's Day gift that he is going to really treasure. A personalised gift or handmade gift is always a good way to make something perfect for someone you love.
Fathers Day is all about THANKING DAD for all the love and support he gives. For all the special memories you have together and for showing you are grateful for everything he does for you. 
A Gratitude Letter is a wonderful personal way to do this. You could write a letter for Dad recalling all those special memories and saying a heart felt thank you for all the little things he has done over the years. Perhaps you could add some photographs or draw a picture to go with the letter, or even include a small token gift that is a reminder of a certain place you visited together or activity you had fun with together.
It is a certainty that Dad will have loved remembering all those precious moments as he read the letter. Keeping a Gratitude Journal is a lovely way to keep those memories all in one place as you create new ones day by day. 
Give a hand crafted pen like the Hand Made Acrylic Vector Pen.above to accompany your letter and journal, to encourage Dad to capture another year's worth of happy memories to recall next Father's Day. You can look for a journal in his favourite colour or perhaps decorate the cover with pictures and words cut out of magazines that relate to things you know he likes or even use family photographs for added personalisation.
A thoughtful gift for Dad that's guaranteed to raise a smile on his big day!

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