Amazing Sculptural Lights

A wood and frosted glass baton light held in the hand like a torch, hanging on a wall on its magnetic base. Accordion light fully open into a circle and a semi circle. Pocket book light partially opened. .

Our new Gingko Design LED lights are cool, elegant, functional and their rechargeable lithium batteries make them portable as well. They look great anywhere in the home.

The Baton Light can be used as a torch - or a light sabre, if you prefer. The Accordion looks like an accordion, a slinky or a lantern and folds down to pocket sized, as do the amazing Mini Book Lights which look like pocket books until they unfold into delightful, functional lights; both ideal travelling companions.

We think any of these unusual gifts would be perfect for dad as a Father's Day present - or as a gift at any time for the man who has everything!  

Frosted glass and wood Baton light on magnetic base attached to the wall in a bedroom

Accordion light being held by two hands, partially extended and flexing like an accordion.

Accordion light fully extended showing all the illuminated paper folds.


Accordion light fully collapsed into a neat wooden hexagon


Pocket book on brown leather standing partially open to reveal the light inside.

Pocket book light open to 180 degrees sitting on a table

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