Beautifully Crafted Unique Jewellery From Bali


These delicate Angel Bell Necklaces, crafted by Balinese artisans on the banks of the sacred mountain Ubud, are stylish and thoughtful gifts to treasure.

Each piece of unique jewellery is hand made, with an intricately designed silver ball containing a small brass bell, and each represents a different sentiment. Choose from the Dreams, Romance or Guardian Angel Bell Necklace (pictured above), or the larger Healing Angel Bell Necklace. Each design has a different coloured cord with a silver clasp.

Intricate silver round pendant necklace on a black cord, on natural background

Give to your daughter, your mum or partner, or as a special BFF gift, to encourage them to remember their hopes and dreams even at difficult times, and also to remind them of your love and care for them. Angel lovers will also feel the tinkling bell will help them to manifest positive attention and good fortune from above.

We love these pieces of unusual handmade jewellery - which one's your favourite and who would you give the necklace to? Our model liked the Healing Angel Bell Necklace best (below). Let us know your thoughts and comments!

Blonde haired girl with black leather jacket wearing silver ball shaped pendant necklace on black cord, in a garden

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