Bereavement Gifts

Flame of life remembrance art incorporating the deceased's ashes

During the pandemic we have found that many people were buying our guardian angels as remembrance tokens for friends and family who had lost loved ones.

I heard some poignant and heart warming stories of how this touched, and helped to a small degree, the givers and receivers.

So we have put together a Bereavement collection, which includes the wonderful Harmony Remembrance Glass incorporating a small quantity of the deceased's ashes in a beautiful work of art, such as the stunning Flame of Life sculpture above. 

 5 remembrance art paperweight ornaments in different colours, some round some conical.

Angel glass ornament - clear body with swirls of white incorporating the deceased's ashes, with an orange glass head with halo, and clear wings


See all of our remembrance gifts in our Bereavement Collection




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