Big Birthday Friendship Balls

Three framed images of multicoloured purple, pink and blue glass balls on a peach background, with two black outline heart designs and the heading "Big Birthdays"

What to buy for a friend with a Big ZERO birthday coming up? Always a dilemma. You don't want to break the bank but you do want something that will be appreciated. We have fantastic birthday friendship balls for 30th - 70th birthdays. Hand blown so each one is as unique as the friend who gives it as a thoughtful gift. 

30th birthday friendship ball - amethyst - Peach Perfect
40th birthday friendship ball - tourmaline - Peach Perfect
50th birthday friendship ball - gold - Peach Perfect
60th birthday friendship ball - sapphire blue
70th birthday friendship ball - turquoise
UPDATE: Our range now starts with 21st birthday balls and goes up to the biggest - 100th!

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