Celebrating Our Forever Friends

Where would we be without our forever friends, the ones who are with us through thick and thin and who, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, "leave footprints upon your heart"?  Whether your special someone is your mum, your best friend or even your pet, we've got some great ideas for gifts to show them just how much you care.

Did you know that 20th February is National Love Your Pet Day?  And with 51 million pets in the UK, that's a paw-some lot of love!  One in four homes have a dog and one in five have a cat, not forgetting other favourites like rabbits, hamsters and mice.  But some of us have more exotic tastes ...  

Last year, the charity Born Free revealed, slightly alarmingly, that almost 5,000 wild animals are being kept privately in the UK, many of these as pets.  These included lions and tigers, poisonous snakes and crocodiles, and even an elephant.

Jess the Border Terrier wearing a red tartan patterned Funky Bandana for Dogs

We'll stick with our beautiful Border Terrier, Jess, who'll get extra special hugs. Here she is, modelling one of our Funky Dog Bandanas in her favourite tartan design - and there's loads more styles and sizes to help you find the perfect present for petlovers, too!

For many of us, our mum will always be our number one friend and fan, and on March 31st it's her time to shine on Mother's Day, or Mothering Sunday as it's also known in the UK.  The date changes every year as it's the fourth Sunday in Lent, so is linked to the timing of this religious event.  First celebrated in the 16th century as Laetare Sunday, it was the day when workers traditionally visited their "mother" church in their childhood home and reunited with other family members.

Partly inspired by the Mothers Day Movement campaign in the US, Constance Penswick-Smith, a vicar's daughter from Nottinghamshire, decided to revive Mothering Sunday in the 1920s.  The tradition had been in decline for many years in the UK  and it took more than two decades for it to become a national celebration - but as big fans of the special day we're so pleased it succeeded!

Metal and coloured glass bead Owl Suncatcher with Swarovski drop crystal

We've selected lots of thoughtful presents for mums in this year's Mother's Day Collection.  Owls represent wisdom and intuition and the pretty Owl Suncatcher above, with a sparkling Swarovski crystal, is a perfect Mother's Day gift.  Or how about a cute and practical owl patterned iBeanie Tablet and iPad Stand?  If you're looking for a more traditional gift from our collection, a lovely Handmade Fused Glass Soapdish with scented soap makes a sweet keepsake.

Our third and final friendship celebration is National Best Friend Day on 8th June.  We think Henry Ford summed up the quality of friendship perfectly when he  declared: "My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me". 

Maybe you've been friends from school or university, bonded over motherhood and babies, or are in a relationship with your soulmate?  Or maybe you're siblings who've kept a special connection?  It can be all too easy to overlook the importance of friendship in our busy lives, so why not take advantage of this special day to show how much you love and value your BFF!

Purple Ronnie Book of Poems for friends

You'll find some great gifts for friends in our Friendship Collection, including this fun edition of Purple Ronnie's Little Poems for Friends, which you can personalise to make it an extra memorable present. There's plenty more including our bestselling range of Friendship Balls in different colours and sizes and our beautiful Art Glass Friendship Hearts.  We think you'll be tempted to pick up a treat for yourself, too!

Who's your forever friend and how do you celebrate your friendship?  We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 

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