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Are you wondering what to get as Christmas gifts for mum, for your partner, or your grandmother or best friend? Although many of us are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends this year to make up for last year's lockdown, we don't think you need to blow the budget on extravagant one off gestures. 

So we've hand picked presents for you that are beautiful, thoughtful and affordable. Here are ten creative, relaxing and decorative treats that you'll love to give as much as she'll love to receive. After all, our Christmas gift guide for her is aimed at making present shopping easy and enjoyable for you too!

1. Fused Glass Rainbow Heart Kit

 Hanging glass heart with multicoloured floral pattern

Creating fused glass art is a popular home crafts trend this Christmas and here's three ways of gifting this stunning Fused Glass Rainbow Heart Home Kit by Twice Fired (£34.00). Firstly, simply send the kit on its own - everything is included, with easy to follow instructions, design ideas on Facebook, plus online help if needed. Or, you could enjoy making your own glass heart and giving your artwork to a loved one as a personal gift.

Thirdly, you can hold your own fused glass art workshop at home with another lucky person by buying our double sized kit (£54.00) - just add snacks, drinks and comfy surroundings to suit! Both size kits include paid for return postage and address labels as the studio fires the designs and returns them.

 2. Rose Garden Embroidery Kit

Circular purple and green rose and foliage pattern on white fabric with neutral colour borderal

Send flowers that won't fade with this sweet Rose Garden Embroidery Kit from Hawthorn Handmade. A thoughtful present for someone who enjoys sewing or, again you could make it up yourself - or get an older child to sew it as a gift for gran to treasure!

This craft kit is perfect for beginners or someone who'd enjoy a simple, pretty project, and makes a lovely 7" sized art work to display with pride at home.

 3. Hand Made Glass Reed Diffuser

Oval shaped silver pearlised patterned glass diffuser with natural colour reeds coming out of the top


This Hand Made Glass Reed Diffuser from Sienna Glass (£15.50) shimmers beautifully wherever it's displayed - choose from this pearlescent silver or a classic white design. We think it's going to be one of our bestsellers for a long time to come!

This can be used with any favourite scent, or you can add one of our six types of essential oil including Jasmine, Lemongrass and Rosemary, to complement this stylish gift for her.

4. Atomiser Aroma Diffuser

Pale blue oval shaped patterned lamp with opening at top on a natural colour base

Our ultimate Atomiser Aroma Diffuser from Sienna Glass (£47.00) helps to create a relaxing and therapeutic setting. According to the science, ultrasonic atomisation  means the scent is diffused more widely without needing to heat essential oils (which reduces their purity and effect).

We love the way the changing LED colours add interest to a room and think it's the perfect way to set the scene for a home spa experience for her! Again, why not choose one of our essential oils to complement this gorgeous gift?

5. Guardian Angel Birthstone Necklace

 Silver angel holding a blue zircon crystal, handing from a delicate silver chain necklace

What could be more Christmassy than this adorable silver Guardian Angel Birthstone Necklace from Wild Things Gifts (£19.00)? With its sparkling Swarovski crystal, and strung on a delicate 18" silver chain, each one comes with its own sentiment.

The blue zircon crystal above is December's birthstone, representing prosperity, wisdom and courage. Choosing a birthstone present is such a thoughtful touch and could be a perfect gift for mum!

6. Real Leaf Earrings

Pair of delicate hanging gold leaf shaped earrings on brown cardboard label

These Real Leaf Earrings make a pretty and unusual present, and are versatile enough to work well with any outfit and at any age - we think they'd be a great gift for a teenager as well as for a friend who's young at heart! 

Made from real leaves by Ancient Wisdom, each set is unique and you can choose from gold, silver and multi-coloured designs (all priced at £9.50).

 7. London Skyline Gin Glass

  Gin glass engraved with London skyline design around the top, half full of pink drink and on top of a wooden table

One of our most popular items of glassware, this stylish and quirky London Skyline Gin Glass from Animo's Milford Collection (£19.50) makes an ideal gift for gin lovers.  Its striking design means it's a talking point at any festive table!

And for animal lovers, why not choose its sister Safari Frieze Gin Glass  (£17.50), with its equally distinctive sandblasted decoration of wild animals on the Savannah?

8. Large Spirit Ball

Large glass ball with red tree of life design handing from gold patterned frame

Spirit balls (or witch balls as they're also known) are beautiful and intriguing ornaments - you can read more here about the the history and mystery of witch balls. They make appealing gifts for spiritual people and those who're interested in mystical ideas.

This Large Spirit Ball (£20.00) comes in three colours (including pink and multicoloured) and measures a sizeable 1.5cm! Or you could choose one of our smaller 10cm Witch Balls, with four colours to select from (£17.00).

9. Heart Bird Feeder

Hanging brown metal heart shaped bird feeder with two metal birds on top and small metal feeding dish, with garden background


This adorable ornamental Heart Bird Feeder (£18.50), with its pre weathered rusty metal style, makes a feature piece of outdoor art in any size garden or patio area. Its heart shape, with two love birds gazing at each other, makes it a perfect gift for a partner.

Who wouldn't fall in love with this romantic token? And garden birds are likely to find it equally appealing too!

10. Landscape Stained Glass Umbrella

Umbrella viewed from above with blue landscape stained glass design


Our last Christmas gift idea combines stunning decoration with hard wearing and high quality design - and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face, whatever the weather.

This fold up Galleria Landscape Stained Glass Umbrella by Soake (£25.00) comes in a smart gift box and we think it elevates something useful into a work of art. Practical and beautiful - it's a Peach Perfect classic! 


That wraps up our Christmas guide for women's gifts and we hope you've enjoyed reading about our top ten treats for her - which one(s) do you like best? Please let us know if you've found our suggestions helpful - we'd love to hear your feedback and any other thoughts you have in the comments box below.

Happy Christmas shopping everyone!

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