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Little brown pottery bear with a party hat and gift, sitting in front of two peach coloured bags of sculpting clay and next to sculpting tools

If you've got children, the run up to Christmas can seem overwhelming at times. Faced with endless lists of "must have" toys and games, gift shopping for kids can be challenging, especially keeping to a budget. And it can be difficult for grandparents as well, especially if kids already appear to have everything they need. Expectations are high and it's not hard to lose the spirit of festive fun.

To give hard pressed parents and grandparents - and anyone else seeking ideas for children's gifts - a little help, Peach Perfect has hand picked presents for you. Our Christmas gift guide for kids focuses on good quality, affordable and imaginative items for babies, toddlers and children aged up to 10, that won't fall apart as soon as they're unwrapped. All sprinkled with a little seasonal magic and not a tablet, smartphone or game console in sight! 

1. For babies and toddlers

Baby lying on bed reaching up for small blue octopus toy

Babies love cuddling up to this adorable little Musical Piu Piu Octopus (£19.50) by Nattou. Research shows that its soft tentacles are reminiscent of the umbilical cord, making it particularly soothing for premature babies, and its gentle tinkling melody also helps newborns to sleep. For a quieter, but equally snuggly option, you can choose the non musical Octopus version priced at £14.50.

Another way to soothe newborns and babies to sleep is our lovely City Star Night Light, Projector and Music Box by Pelli Anni, allowing you to set different colours and musical melodies for the sweetest night's shut eye (£25.00). 

Top of wooden stool with cute baby tiger painted on top

As they get older, toddlers seem to have limitless energy but they won't be able to resist sitting down on this sturdy and super cute Kids Fair Trade Tiger Stool (£18.00). Hand carved and painted in Thailand by skilled craftsmen, it's guaranteed to be a favourite with little animal loving adventurers. Firm favourites also include the Giraffe Stool and cheeky little Monkey Stool.

Enough sitting down? Then it's time to use up more of that energy again with our super bouncy Pink Cow Happy Hopperz (£21.50) ... and repeat until they're (hopefully) tired at last!

Large cushion, half yellow and half animal print design, behind a "First Words" book

Reading is one of the most important ways to boost a child's imagination and creativity, and little ones will love snuggling down with their own Personalised Book Cushion (£25). Hand made and embroidered by Pom Pom Hand Made Crafts in Warwickshire, each cushion is 46cm square and comes with a starter book which can be tucked into the flap to keep it safe.

As well as this bright Forest Animals design, there's different designs galore to keep everyone happy including stunning Cats, Dinosaurs, Elephants and Rainbow patterns.

2. For children aged 3 - 6

Small pink spotty cardboard suitcase, next to small pot of coloured beads

Feed their natural creativity and curiosity with crafts and imaginative play. This pretty Jewellery Designer Kit (£19.50) from Buttonbag has everything a little fashionista needs for crafting happiness! Packed with colourful ribbons and beads, flowers and butterflies, and sparkling gems, it comes in a sweet little suitcase to keep everything in place.

And for a more practical, yet still fun, project, our bright red Panda Bag Sewing Kit (£7.00) is perfect - kids will love taking the finished bag everywhere they go!

Wooden apex shaped bug box with holes for insects to enter and small ladybird decorations

Kids and bugs - it's an unbeatable combination! Encourage their love of nature with Bobby's Minibug Box (£13.00), which not only contains a sturdy wooden dwelling for insects over the winter, but also has an activity book on bugs and a magnifying glass for enquiring little eyes. Or choose cheery Betty's Butterfly Bistro (also £13.00) to attract more fluttery butterflies into your garden.

Also check out two of our larger Wildlife World gift boxes for little nature lovers, For the Love of Butterflies (£24.00) and the Woodland Gift Box (£20.00) which includes a Ladybird Tower and Rooster Pocket for small wild birds. 

Small model train and carriages with pieces of track and a brightly coloured rectangular shaped tin with train image on the front

Let's get back to basics with this perfectly contained classic Train Set in a Tin (£11.50) from Apples to Pears - an ideal way to stimulate imaginative play. The battery operated train and carriages will happily steam round the tracks and provide hours of entertainment, especially as it's so easy for children to take with them wherever they go.

Other brightly coloured pocket sized play classics include our Farm in a Tin, Fishing Port in a Tin and Zoo in a Tin.

3. For children aged 7 - 10

Small pottery brown bear with pointy hat and gift, sitting in front of two bags of modelling clay and next to modelling tools and paintbrushes

Strictly speaking, this beautiful Bear Clay Kit (£23.00) is aimed at birthdays, but we think it makes a great gift for Christmas too! User friendly video instructions come via YouTube (where else?) and children can let the model air dry, so there's no need to send it back to the studio to be baked. Ideal for impatient creatives!  

Clay modelling is such a satisfying craft activity that we've added two more "at home" clay kits from Jasmine Pottery - our Monster Clay Kit (£23.00) and , perfect for your own little monsters, and Plant Pot Clay Kits ranging from £23.00 - £32.00, for single or double pot sets.

Large canvas bag with wrap round it reading "Original Den Kit" and image of kids camping outsideGive children some independence end boost their imaginations with this Original Den Kit (£39.00) from the Den Kit Company. Let them go adventuring at the bottom of the garden, before returning tired, grubby and hungry for their tea! And it's easy to adapt for use indoors in the colder months.

This is suitable for younger children but it's also worth checking out our play sets such as the Dinosaur Cave Pop Up Tent (£26.00) as an alternative fun gift for very little explorers. 

Red spotty suitcase, open to show balls of wool, plus a closed red suitcase and assorted knitting materials

And lastly in this age range, we've got more stylish Buttonbag suitcases for children who'd love to learn a new craft - with everything you could possibly need inside! This one's our Learn How to Knit Kit (£23.50), and others in this gorgeous range include Learn How to Sew Kit and Learn How to Cross-Stitch Kit.

Find lots more fun and creative craft ideas, including our Doll and Puppy Sewing Kit (£10.00), Friendship Bracelet Kit (£11.50), Foxy Mittens Knitting Kit (£14.00). All perfect for beginners and great ways to start crafting!

 4. And for your family fun bonus ..

Selections of kids' games - Qwantum card and dice game, True or False card game, dragon themed board game

Here are our top three recommendations for games you can play with everyone aged 5 upwards - so there's no excuse for missing out on fun and games with the whole family this Christmas!

Qwantum (£9.00) by NSV Games is a fast paced dice game which is great for boosting your mental maths.  It's suitable for age 8+ and an enjoyable challenge for all ages.

True or False Game in a Tin (£7.50) is the perfect game to play after a long Christmas lunch (for all those aged 7+) - just guess the answers and you'll be surprised at how much you can learn along the way!

And younger children (aged 5+) plus those young at heart will love dodging boulders and hiding behind shields in interactive 3D game Save the Dragon (£17.50) by Blue Orange.


Which brings us to the end of our Christmas gift guide for kids. We hope we've given you some new ideas for what to buy the children and you can find many more present ideas in our Kids Stuff collection.


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