Discover The Secrets Of Our Vesica Piscis Suncatcher ...

Vesica Piscis suncatcher with coloured bead detail and drop Swarovski crystal

We love this latest addition to Peach Perfect's crystal suncatcher collection!  And we're fascinated by the stories about its simple yet striking design and its surprisingly profound associations.  

The Vesica Piscis itself is made up of two same sized circles which cross through each other's centre, creating an almond shape where they intersect.  This forms the body of the Greek ichthys, or fish, used by early Christians as a secret symbol of Jesus, "fisher of men".  The icon is still commonly used in Christianity today.  

Christian fish symbols in blue and multicoloured stained glass window

The symbol can also be interpreted as an all-seeing divine eye, such as the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus which offered anyone wearing it great power and protection.  In pagan worship, it was viewed as a sign of fertility and birth.  Here, the two equal and perfect spheres represent a god and goddess coming together to create divine life as a foundation for the universe.

And have you heard about "sacred geometry"?  The underlying belief is that the natural world follows a specific structure made up of geometric patterns and forms, which have a deeper mystical meaning.  One of these designs is the Flower of Life pictured below, based on the Vesica Piscis, where the circles can be repeated ever outwards in perfect symmetry, representing the cycle of creation.  

Multicoloured image of the Flower of Life symbol based on the Vesica Piscis 

Designs like these can be found in artwork, sculpture and architecture around the world, from Egyptian pyramids to Buddhist temples in India and Japan, and from the Italian Renaissance to the New Age.  Many other types of recurring geometric patterns are common throughout the natural world - including our own DNA - which has added weight to the concept of "nature's secret code".

Repeating geometric patterns in the petals of a green plant

Repeating geometric patterns in honeycomb being built by bees

This phrase is often used to describe one of mathematics' most famous formulae, the Fibonacci sequence, which appears at first sight to be deceptively simple.  It works by adding each number to the sum of those preceding it, eg 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc and can determine a specific pattern of growth.  People have studied its existence and use in nature as well as in art, music and architecture and there's even a dedicated  Fibonacci Association

The Fibonacci sequence can also be used to create spiral shapes that increase in size while keeping the same proportions or ratio (as can be seen in a crashing wave or some types of natural shell spiral).  

Orange and white shell showing Fibonacci spiral pattern

Linked to this is the concept of the golden ratio, popularised by novelist Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code.  In theory, this provides a "natural template" for beauty, using a rectangular shaped measure with a base to height ratio of 1.618.  The more closely your face, body, work of art, building etc conforms to these proportions, the more pleasing it will supposedly appear.  Not all mathematicians agree, as this article from The Independent explains.

Watching our own lovely Vesica Piscis suncatcher with its Swarovski crystal glistening in the evening sunshine, its simple perfection and symbolic power has such a calming, harmonious effect.  It's an ideal gift for anyone who loves the beauty of nature, mythology, maths and geometry - and secrets, of course!

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