Fabulous Fair Trade Wind Chimes

Suncatcher wind chime with multi coloured glass and metal drop decorations and three metal chimes, hanging in a garden


These tinkling Fair Trade wind chimes from Bali make fabulous gifts for gardeners and those who love garden living. And their bright colours will bring a touch of exotic summer climes to any outdoor space.

Choose from the Suncatcher Wind Chime pictured above, with its hanging multi coloured beads and glass decorations sparkling in the sunlight, twirling with a stunning drop of more than half a metre.

Or the more compact but equally tuneful Rainbow Glass Wind Chime below, with its pretty coloured glass rectangles hanging from natural driftwood. 

Rainbow coloured rectangular glass decorations hanging on windchime in garden

Both wind chimes for gardens come from our registered Fair Trade supplier Sunlover, so when you buy one you'll be giving an ethical gift that's supporting Balinese craftspeople as well as being a beautiful piece of garden art. 

Find these and other Fair Trade presents, more wind chimes and garden goodies in our Home & Garden gifts collection.


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