Fun Teapots

Teapot in the image of a baker man with a white apron, cap on his head, holding a bread basket and a loaf of bread, next to a couple of biscuits

Carters of Suffolk have been hand making their fun novelty teapots for 40 years using traditional methods that haven't changed much since the early 18th century. We have just increased our selection to include these cute and collectable one or two cup teapots. Each has a certificate of authenticity and you can actually make tea in them!

There is something for everyone. We even have a nurse and a baker (see the main image). An inspired gift for teapot collectors, tea drinkers or just those of us who like fun, quirky presents. 


Red striped teapot with a speckled red lid with a cherry on the top



Teapot in the shape of a train engine in black with smoke coming from the chimney which forms the handle



Teapot in the shape of a beach hut in mainly blue and white. The teapot lid is the roof with a seagull on top



Tall teapot in the image of a nurse wearing a blue and white old fashioned uniform



Teapot in the shape of a caravan in mainly turquoise blue and white with a chimney on the lid



Teapot made up of a selection of Sherlock Holmes books standing on end.



Teapot in the form of a set of drawers with round knobs partly hidden by a draped quilt featuring cats and with a cat curled up on top.


See the whole range in our Home & Garden gifts collection, including our full size novelty teapots 

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