Gemstone Friendship Bracelets You'll Both Love!

Two women's hands clasped together, each with a delicate pale pink and grey beaded bracelet on their wrist, in front of a vase of cream flowers


Are you wondering what to give your best friend for her birthday? A thoughtful gift that won't cost a fortune? Then this pretty set of Love Gemstone Friendship Bracelets is the perfect solution for you.
The Amethyst and Rose Quartz stones represent all types of love - for your bestie, mum, partner or other special friend. To symbolise your lasting friendship, give one bracelet to your BFF and keep one yourself. 
These beautiful bracelets also come in Harmony, Peace and Protection designs, so you can match this meaningful gift to your relationship. Whichever one you choose, it's a lovely reminder of how much your friendship means to you both! Friends forever ...
You can find more unusual jewellery and meaningful gifts for friends in our Accessories and Wellbeing collections - take a peek and maybe you can find a treat for yourself too!


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