How To Dress To Impress With Jewellery

Four rope pearl and emerald bracelet on a wrist

Whatever event you’re attending this season – whether it’s Royal Ascot or Henley Regatta, Glyndebourne or Glastonbury, WI fete or summer wedding – styling your outfit with the perfect piece(s) of jewellery is key to making you look, and feel, fabulous. A single statement piece can look stunning. Or maybe you agree with Coco Chanel that “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”? Whichever you prefer, it’s never been easier to find jewellery that adds that sparkling final touch to your special outfit.

Jewellery has been worn since prehistoric times – starting with simple necklaces made from beads and shells, versions of which we still buy today. As well as being beautiful, jewels often have symbolic and special meanings. Diamonds, for example, were used as eyes in ancient Hindu devotional statues. The Greeks likened them to tears of the gods and the Romans saw them as splinters of fallen stars, encouraging bravery. We use them now in engagement rings to represent love and eternity, and also to symbolise 60th wedding anniversaries – not forgetting other stepping stone gems including pearl (30), ruby (40) and gold (50 years).

Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her love of jewellery, especially signature pieces with emeralds, diamonds and pearls, and her extraordinary collection was sold by Christie’s for nearly £75m in 2011. But this April Sotheby’s set the stage for the world record sale of an individual gem - the flawless Pink Star diamond, which reached over £57m! Of course you don’t need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars - if you have a favourite piece of jewellery, you may already be there. But will it work well with the outfit you’ve selected for your special event?

If you’re not sure, here are our seven key style tips to help you dress to impress:

Choose a signature piece that flatters your features - if you have long slim fingers or wrists, a statement ring or bracelet will show these off beautifully. Pearl necklaces flatter all complexions too!

Long earrings look stylish when paired with a strapless dress or plain high collared top.

A large jewelled cuff or an assortment of bracelets balances out a halterneck style top

Necklaces work well with round/V-necked dresses/tops if they sit above the neckline. Or try a longer drop pendant or chunkier necklace with a high neckline outfit.

For patterned or multicoloured outfits, simple gold, silver or platinum designs work well. And dramatic/colourful jewellery will stylishly accentuate a simple shift dress.

If your outfit is predominantly blue/green based, silver or platinum jewellery match these cooler tones; accessorise gold jewellery with warmer red, orange and brown-based shades.

Lastly, your jewellery pieces don’t need to match exactly – a complementary mix of designs is more contemporary.

And – most importantly – have fun perfecting your own uniquely impressive and stylish look!

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