More Wildlife Gift Sets

Butterfly gift set - the cardboard box it comes in, the butterfly habitat, butterfly conservation guide, butterfly food and wild flower seed packet

It's Spring time, the birds are nesting, the butterflies and bees are starting to make an appearance and our attention is turning to the garden and its wildlife!

Our Wildlife World gift boxes have been so popular as gifts for nature lovers and birders, adults and children, that we decided to add a couple more. 

For the Love of Butterflies Gift Box 

 Butterfly gift set contents - Butterfly Barn, Butterfly food, Butterfly guide, with Wildlife World branded cardboard gift box

 Luxury Bird Gift Box 

Contents of Bird gift set - Clear window feeder, pear shaped brushwood small bird nester, premium bird food and garden bird guide
All our range of wildlife gift boxes are designed to encourage and sustain various species into your garden and make great gifts for nature lovers and those who care about our natural environment.
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