Peach Perfect Wins Two Online Retailer Awards

Two red glass square shaped block style Online Retailer awards on a table next to a white lamp and red rose

Look what came in the post this week!

Peach Perfect was delighted to be nominated for, and to win, two Online Retailer Awards 2021. These aim to recognise creativity, innovation, quality, enterprise and performance in online retailing, during a time of unprecedented turmoil.

We were awarded Winner in the Gifts category for being "highly effective in building a hugely appealing online offering and developing a loyal customer base".

And we received a High Commendation in the Best Designed Online Retailer Site category for "a website dedicated to meeting the company's mission of 'presents to desire and inspire' ".

Kate Findlay, owner of Peach Perfect, said: "What fantastic feedback and thank you very much to the organisers, Stratford Projects Limited, and everyone involved! And thank you to all our loyal customers, of course!

As a small business, it's great to be recognised for our achievements to date, and we look forward to continuing our success story and keeping our Peach Perfect promise to customers: offering high quality, affordable and imaginative gifts to desire and inspire, backed by our personal service." 


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