Practical, Precious and Pampering Gifts For A New Mum

Young mother, with brown hair in ponytail and wearing a pale pink cardigan, tightly hugging her baby

Becoming a new mum is an exciting and exhausting experience! Often, the best gift you can give a new parent is your time (if you have any to spare) - helping to pick up shopping, cooking, tidying up or keeping an eye on the baby while mum (and maybe dad too!) gets a quick nap. But if you can't help out in this way, why not make her day by sending a thoughtful gift instead?

Here are some practical, precious and pampering gift ideas for her, to support her in the early days of motherhood ... 

Practical gifts for a new mum

You can't go wrong with the basics for bathtime, feeding time, playtime and bedtime! And especially if you choose soft organic cotton - so much better for babies' sensitive skin as there are no nasty residues to cause irritation, rashes or respiratory problems (see our blog post "Why We Should Care About What We Wear" for more information).

But you also don't need to spend a fortune on designer babygrows and  matching accessories! Babies grow so fast that it makes sense to balance quality with cost. Find cute, easily washable, cuddle robes and baby bibs, comforters and soft toys, body suits and sleep sacks - plus nursery night lights - in our Kids Stuff gift collection.

Our favourite is this herringbone striped, gender neutral Organic Cotton Baby Playsuit by Juddlies, which we've topped off with the matching Organic Cotton Baby Beani Hat. Practical and stylish!

 Grey herringbone striped baby playsuit next to image of sleeping baby wearing matching beanie hat

Precious gifts for a new mum

The days can seem endless while simultaneously flying by during the first few months, and gifts for her which hold precious baby memories can be treasured for life. There are lots of ways to record special moments, whether you choose a traditional Personalised Record Book or a more unusual gift like the Hello World Swaddle and Milestone Cards Gift Set, where mum can record photos of baby during the first year, using the cards provided and the blanket as a backdrop. 

Personalised book and toy sets are also a popular choice, and a lovely way to make memories when mum and baby snuggle up together at the end of a long day. Again, our Kids Stuff collection has lots of book sets to browse through, as well as hand embroidered personalised reading cushions for little ones to snuggle into and get many hours of enjoyment from as they get older. 

If you're looking to craft your own personalised present, however, why not choose a baby sampler set and make it yourself (as a new mum is unlikely to have time to make anything else!). Our Craft Shop has a range of creative craft kits and this super cute Baby Bunny Sampler Cross Stitch Kit is top of our list!

 Cross stitch sampler with image of three baby bunnies with bob tails and wording including "Welcome little one"

Pampering gifts for a new mum

It's natural for all the attention to be on a newborn and it's equally easy for a mum to lose sight of herself and her own needs. So giving her a gift that's just for her, to show her you appreciate her as a person (as well as being a new mother), will help to make her feel special and cared for as well. 

A sparkling little Birthstone Crystal Guardian Angel, a pretty Birthstone Friendship Ball or one of our contemporary Zodiac Crystal Gift Sets are all lovely, inexpensive presents that celebrate her own birthdate as well. A perfect way to send a virtual hug, choose from our full range in our bestselling Birthstone & Zodiac Gifts collection. Or check out our recent Motherhood Crystal Gift Set blog post.

Alternatively, why not send her a scented present for the senses? We found it really hard to pick just one favourite from the range of aromatherapy jewellery, diffusers, and other aromatic goodies in our Wellbeing Gifts collection. In the end we selected this simple, yet luxurious lavender scented Amethyst Moment of Calm Bath Bomb Gift Set, as calm can definitely be in short supply with a new baby!

 White bath bomb with lavender buds, in front of a cardboard gift box, small lavender soap and amethyst crystal

Have you been inspired by our suggestions for practical, precious and pampering gift ideas for new mums? We'd love to know which you liked best - let us know in the comments box below. And if you're about to become a mother, we wish you all the very best - you may want to share this post with your partner, friends and family members too!

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