Shabby Chic Garden Art

White enamelled bird feeder in the shape of an old fashioned tall French style tea or coffee pot, hanging in a tree

A new range to Peach Perfect, these naturally rustic ornamental bird feeders, bird nester, wind chimes and garden wall plaques will enhance the beauty and interest of any garden. They make great presents for people who enjoy their gardens. The heart themed bird feeder and wind chime make inspired presents for couples for a romantic occasion - engagement, wedding, anniversary, even new home. Whereas the Tibetan bells windchime will appeal to the more mystic or spiritual friends. The Fern and Tree of Life wall art look good inside too; I have mine in the sun lounge. And as for the French teapot nester, well who wouldn't love this chic addition to the garden, especially the small garden birds!

With prices from £15 to £37 there's something for everyone. Find them all in our Home & Garden gifts collection.

 Heat shaped rustic metal cut out decorated with birds with a metal dish within the heart for the bird seed, hanging in the garden


White enamelled bird nest box in the shape of a tall French style teapot hanging in a garden
Rusty brown metallic tree shape with birds in the branches set inside a metal circle, hung against a white painted brick wall
Metal wind chime in the shape of a heart, decorated with birds and a rose, a bell hanging below on a chain, in the garden against a background of leaves.
Green metallic fern wall ornament hung against a brick wall
Tiny bells hang inside a metal frame that is diamond shaped with a larger bell hanging from the bottom, in a garden.

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