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  • Taking a Child to a party
  • Kate Findlay
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Taking a Child to a party

Tips For Taking A Baby or Child To A Special Event or Party
Fantastic - you've been invited to a wedding, anniversary party, birthday celebration or some other special event!
If you have young children, that exciting invitation may strike you down with a cold sweat and leave you panic stricken.
What if they don't want to go? How do you stop them getting bored? What if they cause a scene? What if they want to go home and you simply can't leave!?

Fear not. Here are some handy tips for taking babies, toddlers and young children to a wedding, party or special event.

Look up the venue online or give them a call and find out how child friendly they are. It's a whole lot easier to plan ahead when you know what food will be on offer, what facilities will be available to you, can they heat baby milk or food on demand, is there room for your buggy, pram or carry seat during the event and is there a quiet room outside of the event itself that you can pop to with your kids if it all gets too much and you need to calm them down to avoid a tantrum or settle your baby for a rest.
Plan Ahead:
Make sure you are prepared for every eventuality. Take light weight changes of clothes for the little ones. Pack lots of little healthy drinks and non messy snacks to hand in case they are needed. Baby wipes or hand sanitizer are a must for any young children as well as the usual changing bag and food/milk for a baby.
Think about what will amuse them if they are unsettled or bored. A favourite cuddly toy, toy car or book is good - something that will act as a comforter but not a noisy toy that will attract attention. 
For toddlers or young children, some colouring pencils and a drawing book are great for playing a game or keeping them amused by drawing with them or for them. Perhaps you could talk about something they have enjoyed about the event and draw it or make up a story about it to calm them down and keep them engaged and wanting to be there. Another idea is to make a check list or chart so they can play I spy and keep busy finding certain things at the event, find a gift ribbon, a balloon, a cake and so on. A miniature travel games pack can be handy too.
Involve Your Child:
A great way to keep your child interested in the event is to involve them. Talk about it and show them the invitation. Perhaps they could make an acceptance card themselves. Let them help choose the outfit they will wear and talk about what will happen at the event and what facilities are at the venue so they know what to expect.
If you need to buy a gift for the person holding the party, perhaps you could let them buy and wrap their own little gift to give. A small glass friendship ball 
Small green friendship ball
make perfect inexpensive gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays. Maybe you could offer your child a little reward gift for all their 'help' in preparing for the occasion and their good behaviour while you attend.
Creative little hands will love to be involved in making their own card and gift tag to give to the person whose party you are going to. It will make them feel welcome and special when they are praised for their lovely art work at the party.
You might just find preparing your child for the event by involving them in gift buying and talking to them about all the things you will see and do removes your apprehension about taking them so you can all just enjoy the experience. We hope you have a great time!
  • Kate Findlay
  • Occasions

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