The Secret Power Of Symbols

Metal Spring Tree of Life suncatcher with green and blue Swarovski crystals

We love choosing gorgeous crystal gifts - and we're especially fascinated by beautiful designs with a deeper symbolic meaning.  We may not be professors of so called "symbology" (like the fictional hero Robert Langdon in Dan Brown's bestselling novels!) but we've done our own research into three of our favourite spiritual gift symbols … and this is what we discovered.

1. The Tree of Life

This archetypal image appears in civilisations around the world: in the Bible and in Babylonian mythology, where it was a magical tree in Paradise, as well as in Egyptian, Islamic and Kabbalistic versions.  According to Norse legend, there was a huge ancient ash tree Yggdrasil at the centre of the cosmos, with branches that stretched far up into the heavens, and around which the gods would gather.


The Celts believed that trees were the actual ancestors of human beings, so treated them with respect as living, magical entities who linked the natural world to the spiritual one.  The Tree of Life shows how nature created harmony and balance throughout the eternal cycle of life - and, perhaps most importantly, it symbolises the interconnection of all forms of life. 

Celtic image of the Tree of Life

With its ageless roots firmly embedded in the earth and its branches reaching up towards the sky, the Tree of Life embodies strength, development and wisdom - inspiring qualities which we could all benefit from!  It shows that the simplest symbol can also be the most powerful.

2. The Vesica Piscis

Comprising the intersection of two perfect circles, the almond shape at the heart of the Vesica Piscis forms the fish icon used by early Christians as a secret symbol of Jesus.  It's also reminiscent of the divine, all-seeing, omnipotent Egyptian Eye of Horus.  And in pagan worship, the symbol depicted fertility and birth, showing a god and goddess coming together to create divine life and the universe.

The Vesica Piscis plays an important role in "sacred geometry" - the belief that nature is shaped by specific geometric patterns, with a deeper mystical meaning.  It appears in designs such as the Flower of Life, with its repeated overlapping overlapping circles representing the cycle of creation.  Recurring geometric patterns are common in nature - including in our own DNA - as well as in artwork, sculpture and architecture around the world and throughout time.

Recurring geometric patterns in plants in nature

"Nature's secret code" (described in the mathematical Fibonacci sequence) also creates spiral shapes that increase in size while keeping the same proportions or ratio (see a crashing wave or spiral shell). Linked to this is the "golden ratio", popularised by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code, which provides a "natural beauty template".  The more closely your body/artwork/ building etc conforms to specified proportions, the more pleasing it will supposedly appear.  Perhaps fortunately, not all mathematicians agree with this!

 3. Angel Wings

Recent research shows that nearly three quarters of Americans and over a quarter of British adults believe in the physical presence of angels.  They appear throughout history in all world religions, one of the most well-known being Gabriel, the angel of revelation in Christianity and Judaism (in Islam he is called Jibra'el).  Many people who don't see themselves as being religious still secretly seek the help and guidance of angels. 

 Host of heart shaped angel wing suncatchers, each with different coloured Swarovski crystal

Only certain types of angels - seraphim and cherubim - have wings in the Bible.  Artists and sculptors started to use wings to represent all angels' "higher nature" in about the 4th century.  Many ancient religions and cultures have gods and goddesses with wings, embodying their otherworldly qualities of intelligence, protectiveness and spirituality.  And not forgetting mythical animals such as Pegasus the winged horse, representing flight and freedom.

Metal heart shaped angel wings suncatcher with garnet Swarovski suncatcher

Angel wings depict all of the above qualities, but in particular symbolise pure love and protection.  This is one of the clearest and most powerful symbols for those who believe in the existence of angels.  And it's also why some people are convinced that, if they find a feather lying on the ground, it's a spiritual message that their guardian angel is near at hand and watching over them.  

Do any of these symbols have a special or secret meaning for you?  We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  And you can find lots more thought-provoking gift ideas in our Crystal Shop, whether you're looking for a loved one or favourite friend, or for a well deserved treat for yourself!

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