What Are Crystal Intention Candles?

White candle in cylindrical glass jar with yellow citrine crystals and a small information card about citrine

Crystal intention candles are candles which include crystals or crystal chips, often infused with complementary essential oils, which can help you to focus your energies and support reflection and relaxation. Each crystal has its own qualities and the colour of the candle also represents different aspects. White stands for purity, peace, and personal insight, for example, whereas black represents psychic protection and blue is for creativity. 

You can light these candles to use as an aid in meditation or manifestation, to help you refocus when you're feeling overwhelmed, or even just to allow yourself to switch off and relax. Historically, people have lit candles to banish the dark, to celebrate important religious and pagan festivals, and to remember the dead. A flickering flame has an almost hypnotic power - add the energising aspects of crystals and you can bring a magical quality to life!

Here are some of the ways in which you can use intention candles with crystals to bring a little more positivity and clarity into your own life, or to help someone you care about who may be going through a difficult time. 

1. Identifying your intention

Lit candle in a square shaped glass jar with clear quartz crystals

What would you like more - or less - of in your life? Are you looking for a promotion at work, a permanent relationship, or to make some other positive changes in your life? Some people firmly believe in the Law of Attraction - that focusing on such aspirations will actually help them to  manifest in your life. 

Although we don't believe that wishing for these things will make them appear without work, we do think there's a lot to be said for positively identifying your needs that aren't being met. For example, why are you looking for a promotion - is it because you want more money for security, recognition from your peers, a sense of achievement or something else?

Once you've identified a particular need, how can you work towards meeting it? Are there other things you can do to make this happen, eg by moving to a different company, starting a local volunteering group, or finding a way to showcase your creative talents?

When you've identified your intention, find a quiet space to light your candle and use the crystal's qualities to charge its energy. Citrine represents success, confidence, optimism and is a great match if your intention is for new beginnings. Visualise yourself burning off unhelpful negative thoughts and boosting your plans for change with lots of positive energy!

2. Practising meaningful meditation

White candle in cylindrical glass jar next to book and lavender

Meditation is known to help reduce stress, improving mental and physical health, and promoting calm and wellbeing. Many people find it helpful to focus on a single object to reduce distraction and take their minds away from the background noise of daily life. Watching a glowing candle flame can be a calming way to help you start to meditate.

Lighting an intention candle is a lovely way to start creating a relaxing ritual for daily meditation in your own private space. Whether you prefer to gaze at it once lit or close your eyes instead (provided the candle is safely positioned!), you can also concentrate on the crystals you're using to help you energise and improve your ability to meditate.

If you're learning to meditate with crystals, Clear Quartz is one of the most popular choices as it's known as the "master healer" stone and signifies balance, energy and empowerment. Amethyst also promotes balance as well as energy, calm and emotional control. And Angelite, as its name suggests, represents peace, serenity and communication.

Aromatically infused candles can add an extra dimension to meditation. Jasmine has a calming effect, lavender is soothing and promotes sleep, whereas peppermint is energising - so choose carefully! 

3. Or just relaxing ...

Large purple amethyst crystal and white candle in brown round jar, with smoke curling around

Lastly, of course, you can just enjoy crystal intention candles for their calming properties - as lovely, unusual gifts for friends or treats for you, with a feel good factor and the hint of an underlying deeper meaning. After all, everyone can benefit from a little more time to relax! 

Did you know ...

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