What Are Murano Beads?

Bracelet with light blue Murano glass beads and clear and silver beads with a small silver drop heart decoration

The terms 'murano' or 'lampwork' in assocation with 'beads' are often used interchangeably. These pretty dotted beads were first produced on the island of Murano, a short water taxi ride from Venice, which has been famous for centuries for it's glass production.  The beads were worked over the flame of a lamp, hence 'lampwork'. These days obviously other sources of heat are used but the technique and the end result are essentially the same.

The beads in our gorgeous murano bead and charm bracelets

are not sourced from Murano - they would be very expensive if they were - but they are made in the same style as the originals. Our bracelets, by Bekis Beads, are an affordable and beautiful gift for women of all ages for birthdays, Valentines or even as bridemaids presents. 

The term  'Tibetan Silver' is used for a variety of silver coloured alloys. Some Tibetan Silver contains lead, nickel or cadmium which if ingested can be harmful. The Tibetan Silver used in our bracelets is a zinc alloy with a layer of pewter and then silver plated. Pewter in itself is an alloy of copper, tin and silver.  Tibetan silver is traditionaly used in spacer beads as it is a strong durable alloy whereas pure silver is very soft and so is used in wire that needs to be bent and shaped easily

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