What To Feed Birds In Winter

Poster with images of types of bird food on a peach background, with a dark green band in the middle, with the heading "What to feed birds in winter"

The best way to attract birds to your garden is to leave out suitable food in a safe place, along with a source of clean water. But do you know what to feed birds in winter? Take a look at Peach Perfect's easy to follow guide to birdfeeding (above) to see how you can help.

Also remember it's important to keep food (especially dried fruit) out of the reach of pets, and leaving food lying around can also attract rats. Make sure you clean any bird feeders regularly, removing food that hasn't been eaten or is about to go mouldy. And some food, such as whole peanuts, is more safely dispensed in a special mesh feeder. 

Bird feeders

You can either make your own bird feeder - here are some good ideas on using recycled household goods from the National Trust - or check out our selection of lovely bird feeders which double as garden art! Here's a few ideas below and you can find more in our Nature Shop

Blue Sienna Glass Bird Feeder - Peach Perfect


Ceramic Blue Tit Bird Feeder by Wildlife World - Peach Perfect 

And for interesting facts and tips on birdwatching, check out our accompanying blog post on Watching out for birds in winter.

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