What Would A Gemini Like As A Gift?

Eight different coloured crystals in a white compartmented tray on a swirly yellow and blue background, below the heading " Gemini"

If you have a friend who's a Gemini - born between May 21st and June 20th, then you'll probably already know they love new things and if they're sparkly, stylish or something unusual that's even better!

Think Marilyn Monroe and Prince and you're looking at typical Geminis. Well known for being creative and great communicators, young at heart and endlessly curious, they can also flip from one personality aspect to another (being the sign of the Twins), and tend to get distracted or bored easily.

So we've compiled this guide featuring seven imaginative and fun gift ideas for Gemini, which are guaranteed to get their attention and keep it - well for as long as that's possible, anyway!

Gemini Zodiac Crystal Set 

Collection of eight assorted clear, speckled white, grey and pale blue crystals in a clear tray with compartments and the heading Gemini

A Gemini friend will be captivated by this classic crystal grid set with eight polished stones symbolising some of their key characteristics - adaptable, versatile, witty, enthusiastic, eloquent, youthful, communicative and creative.

The light colours of these clear quartz, agate, tourmaline quartz and chrysocolla crystals also reflect the cool and stylish side of this Air sign.

Dolphin Spirit Calling Bell

Small silver dolphin resting on a circular brass bell, handing on a black leather cord

These amazing animals love to play and are also great communicators, so anything that's dolphin themed is a perfect match for this star sign!

This pretty necklace, with a silver dolphin adorning a tiny brass bell, is crafted by artisans from the sacred mountain Ubud in Bali. As well as representing this animal spirit, it makes an unusual gift which will definitely appeal to a Gemini.  

Vesica Piscis Suncatcher

 Hanging suncatcher with two small silver metal bisecting circles forming the Vesica Piscis symbol, with small blue and purple crystals below and a larger clear almond shaped drop crystal

Air signs are associated with intellectual curiosity, and this sparkling Swarovski crystal suncatcher has far more profound symbolism than you might think! Here's our previous blog post on the Vesica Piscis that takes in its role in Christian and pagan worship, sacred geometry and the golden ratio.

This magical, meaningful gift is ideal for the most magpie-like member of the Zodiac, who will love to watch it catching the light in a window as well as being fascinated by its mysterious history. 

Hand Painted Gin Glasses

Blue floral patterned stemless glass and balloon gin glass on a table, in a garden

Did we mention that loving to party is a top Gemini trait? Their extrovert, entertaining nature makes them great company, as well as often being the last ones to leave an event. So a gift like these beautifully hand painted glasses is guaranteed to delight, especially on a lovely long summer day.

After all, who wouldn't want to celebrate with one of these gorgeous gin balloon glasses? Or you could choose the versatile stemless design for wine, cocktails or colourful soft drinks.

Owl Bookmark

Here's another original present that's perfect for avid readers who're curious about new ideas and knowledge - sound familiar? Another token that could have been created for a Gemini, this pewter and crystal bookmark is a practical as well as a charming little piece.

The sentiment on the attached card associates the owl with wisdom and understanding secret knowledge and dreams. Very intriguing!

Plant Pot Clay Kits

Two crafted clay pots with smiling faces and plants in, next to clay sculpting tools and two bags of modelling clay, on a table

Encourage a friend's creative spirit by giving them one of these clay kits with everything they could need to make a plant pot that's as individual as they are! And even better, it can air dry so there's no need to send it off to a studio and wait for it to be returned (far too much hassle for an impatient free spirit!).

Or get a double kit and join in the fun. Enjoy an impromptu craft experience for two and see who can make the most imaginative creation.

Crystal Angels

Small crystal angels, one with light amethyst wings and one with ruby wings

Lastly, how about a thoughtful gift for your favourite Gemini, based on their own birthstone instead? Choose one of these very cute, inexpensive crystal guardian angels - light amethyst for those born in June or ruby for a July birthdate.

One of our bestselling gifts, these little angels are the perfect size to pop into a purse or bag for someone who's full of energy and always on the go!

We hope you've been inspired by our gift ideas for Gemini, and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And watch out for more Zodiac sign gift guides coming soon! In the meantime, you can find the rest of our Zodiac crystal sets in our Crystal Shop.

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