Why Is Rose Quartz The Love Crystal?

Rose quartz crystal heart being held up to the light

One of the oldest known crystals, rose quartz's beautiful blush pink colour is perfectly attuned to the more romantic and harmonious aspects of love and emotional balance. If you're looking to give a love token, you can't go wrong by choosing this crystal - and because it's so readily available, you won't have to pay a hefty price, either!

But why did it become known as the "love crystal" in the beginning? And what properties make it so attractive to crystal healers and those who use it for affirmations or when meditating? Here's all you need to know about rose quartz's meanings, make up and magical history ...

Unusual form

Like other types of quartz, rose quartz is actually a mineral, but unlike them it usually grows in large dense masses instead of individual crystals. This creates its cloudy pale pink colour. It's also one of the harder stones and keeps its colour well.

This makes it very different from the similar sounding pink quartz, which does form individual crystals and is much rarer. Pink quartz is also very sensitive to light, which can significantly affect its colour.

Mass of rose quartz outdoors with sunrise in the background

One of the exceptions to this rule is the famous La Madonna Rosa specimen, made up of a smoky quartz "figure" surrounded by bright rose quartz crystals, and originally mined in Brazil in the 1950s. Measuring 39cm x 20cm, it sold for an astounding $662,500 in 2013!

 Origins and legends

The Assyrians are thought to have made rose quartz jewellery as far back as 8000BC. In Ancient Egypt, the stone took on more magical qualities, when it was often used as a talisman to protect against misfortune. Many Egyptians also believed it could prevent ageing - rose quartz masks have been found in some tombs, suggesting they wanted the dead to look their best in the afterlife!

The connection with love first appeared in Greek legend, when Aphrodite (goddess of fertility and love) was injured while rescuing her lover Adonis ((god of desire and beauty). Their blood was said to have mixed and stained clear quartz a pale pink colour. The Romans adopted this myth and started the tradition of giving rose quartz crystals as love tokens. 

Love is all around

Rose quartz is now universally accepted as representing unconditional love in all its forms - romantic, familial, friendship and self love. As the key stone in the heart chakra, some people believe it has therapeutic healing properties and can help them grow emotionally and live life from the heart.

Those who use rose quartz crystal for meditation, manifestation and identifying intention (check out our Crystal Intention Candle blog post) can find that it helps them to focus on positive aspects of love and friendship. The crystal's pale pink colour is also strongly associated with calmness and reassurance.

Some claim that holding a rose quartz stone before bedtime and/or keeping it near them during the night helps to reduce anxiety, promote positivity and improve sleep. It's also said to be an ideal crystal for anyone facing a mid life crisis as it supports your inner youthful self - that sounds good to us!

Did you know ...

Pantone used rose quartz mixed with a cool blue Serenity shade to create its Colour of the Year in 2016. It was meant to reflect "connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace," and was the first time they had blended two colours together.(the rose quartz pantone number is 13-1520)


Is rose quartz one of your favourite stones or have you been given a rose quartz crystal present by a friend or loved one previously? Do you feel inspired to give a thoughtful gift in return? Let us hear your views in the comments box below.

And why not share some rose quartz crystal love around? Here are just a few suggestions for romantic gifts or treats for friends, to show them you care about them. After all, who wouldn't like more harmony, balance and emotional connection with other people during these rapidly changing times we're living through!

  Collection of rose quartz crystal candle, thumb stone, soap and bath bomb on a table

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