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Buttonbag Craft Suitcases are back!

Buttonbag Craft Suitcases are back!

Hooray! We have missed them, and so have our customers. Now I am pleased to say Buttonbag needlecraft suitcase kits are back with us. All are beginner friendly so are just right as a gift for an older child (8+, 6+ for cross stitch) or an adult just starting out on a new needlecraft skill. Now also we have two BUMPER kits for people wanting to learn more than one needlecraft skill! 

Choose from 


 Buttonbag knitting kit - red suitcase open showing packed contents, closed suitcase with wrapper showing its a knitting kit, button bag instruction leaflet, 4 pieces of coloured felt

Buttonbag Sewing Kit - blue suitcase decorated with buttons with a cream wrapper saying 'everything you need to learn how to sew' , age 8+, beginner friendly
Green suitcase decorated with buttons - one open displaying the contents and the other closed with the wrapper showing Cross Stitch Kit, with samples of the cross stitch templates around (cat, bus, flower, heart, bee and butterfly with 'needles' ), and 12 embroidery thread skeins  Edit alt text
Open craft kit suitcase with contents visible - 7 different shades of wool, knitting needles, scissors, a booklet with BUMPER Knitting & crochet kit instructions.Large buttonbag Cream suitcase decorated with buttons with blue wrap around sleeve with the words BUMPER Sewing and Embroidery Kit, a buttonbag craft kit, everything you need to learn how to sew and embroider, age 8+, beginner friendly
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