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Honest - Love Our Planet

Honest -  Love Our Planet

Introducing an exciting new supplier! 'Honest - Love Our Planet' sells beautiful hand made baubles, and other decorative objects, in paper mâché. Artisans in Kashmir make these lovely objects using traditional techniques that date back to the 15th century, when King Zain ur Abideen invited many accomplished artists and craftsmen from Central Asia.

Made with recycled paper and painted with organic pigments from plants and minerals, the vibrantly coloured baubles are totally biodegradable. The carbon footprint is also minimal, so all round an incredibly eco friendly product. What's more we are supporting highly skilled workers in an historically troubled and unstable part of the world. 

But non of this is why we have decided to stock Honest's products. We love the vibrant colours! Each item is a highly affordable work of art. They make beautiful, unique, inexpensive gifts for friends or relatives for many occasions. 

Choose from our cute Elephant 

Elephant ornament in red with gold decorations alongside photo albums

Or one of the beautiful baubles 

Blue and gold hanging bauble

Slip a hanging heart in with a birthday card 

Red heart decorated with flowers displayed on a wooden table

Or hide a surprise in an egg-shaped trinket box 

two egg shaped ornaments, one with a lilac background, one with turquoise, displayed on a coffee table.

See the full Honest - Love Our Planet range 

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