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Things in Tins are Back!

Things in Tins are Back!

We are pleased to announce that we have reintroduced Apples to Pears 'Gifts in a Tin' with a whole new range to choose from! There is something for the whole family, all at affordable prices and all packed into neat handy tins. From great travel toys for the kids, models for the big kids (even Dad....or Mum) to handy tins for gardeners. Even something for the dog!

Here is a smalll selection. Browse our complete range of Gifts in Tins 

 Zoo in a Tin 

Turquoise tin showing the zoo animals and keeper on the tin lid. Open with the contents neatly packed inside


Car Journey Games  

Tin showing a young girl sitting on the tail gate of a car in a big hat and sunglasses already to go on holiday. The 7 Car games all laid out by it.

 Camper Van Construction Kit 

Made up metal model of a camper van in blue with red seats against a background of hills

 Tool Kit  

Yellow tin with images of tools and the words 'All the gear, great idea, Handy tools for DIYers'. All 23 pieces of the tool kit laid out.


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