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iBeani Tablet & iPad Stand


These award winning smart little bean bags, UK designed, are brilliant for holding tablets or iPads (up to 12.9ins), e-readers and even good old fashioned books! They free up your hands to do other things (like hold a cup of coffee or glass of wine) and are so versatile they can be used on any surface, not just hard flat ones; on your lap in bed, on the sofa, on holiday on the sun bed, in the kitchen.

The iBeani cushion has a handle for carrying and a  side pocket for storing a phone, charger, ear phones Great for all tablet or book users but especially great for people who find it difficult to hold things for a time. 

We have 5 lovely designs. There's bound to be one to suit every member of the family!  A really useful and chic gift for all ages.   

Dimensions: Approx 25cm x 25cm x 30cm 

Ultra lightweight at 220gs. 

Fully washable 


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