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Original Adult Slappie Watches


These funky slap-on watches make great gifts for the men and women in your life who like a larger watch face. They really suit people with active lifestyles. Get sweaty and dirty playing sport or doing the garden and just wipe clean! Even the face pops out. Slappies are water resistant too so great for beach holidays, snorkelling, boating.... Start a collection and mix and match the faces and straps. We think they are great as did Nick Jenkins in the Dragon's Den. 

The facts and figures:

  • Water resistant to 30 metres
  • Stainless steel watch bezel
  • Japanese watch movement
  • Specially engineered steel spring encased in a high quality silicone strap
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Interchangeable face and strap for multi Slappie owners!
  • Quality tested and accredited

Size- 4.4cm x 28cm x 1.6cm
Weight- 61 grams

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