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Phone Power Fob Charger by iBeani


Never get stuck with a dead mobile phone again! The Power Fob from iBeani is a handy mobile battery booster that's easy to carry around with you everywhere. Just attach it to your keyring, backpack, handbag - wherever is most convenient to you. When you need a boost of power, the retractable charging port plugs directly into your phone and provides 2+ hours of charge.

Durable and impact resistant the iBeani Power Fob is pre-charged and ready to use out of the box; it will hold its charge, when not in use, for 3 months. Once used, simply recharge using the charging cable provided then secure back to your keys, or bag etc, ready for another boost wherever you are.

We have two options, for Android phones (USB-C devices) or iPhones/IOS devices 

Essential gift for emergencies for all mobile phone users who are out and about. 


iBeani Power Fob

Quick Connect Clip

Charging Cable

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