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Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix by Bake Fix

£9.50 £4.75

Make your own delicious chocolate chip pancakes. A great fun and delicious gift for any day, not just Shrove Tuesday! Fun and easy to make with the kids with the added bonus of a video to see it done in action! Just scan the QR code with your phone or tablet. That's smart baking! 

All the dry ingredients you need come in a reusable/recyclable glass bottle, just add a few extra store cupboard ingredients: eggs, milk & butter 

How many you can make depends on how big you make each pancake! 

Instructions are also included on the bottle, which you can use, recycle or even send back to Bake Fix for free!

Made with British Wheat Flour. All the ingredients are on the bottle. Warning: the sprinkles contain colouring. 

May contain traces of nuts