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Luxury Bird Gift Box by Wildlife World


Our luxury bird themed gift set helps you get up close and personal with the birds in your garden. The gift box contains a window feeder which is excellent for attracting birds right up to the window. Then the included bird guide will come in useful to identify them.

Also included is a great dual purpose small bird nester to give your birds somewhere to nest in the spring or a vital winter roost. Premium bird food is also supplied packed in a biodegradable cellulose bag inside a natural jute bag.

All packed into an environmentally friendly cardboard gift box filled with barley straw. 

An environmentally friendly gift for bird lovers. 


  • Window feeder
  • Small bird nesting box 
  • Premium Cotswold Granaries bird food 
  • Garden bird species guide 
  • Cardboard gift box with barley straw

Dimensions: 30 × 26.5 × 18.5 cm