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If you're looking for stylish and unusual gifts for the home and outdoors, this is the collection for you! Discover decorated hand made table protector sets, indoor plant pots, delicious baking sets and gin, chilli and bacon themed kits. Plus Burgon & Ball gardening sets for those with green fingers - with a special range for little gardeners - and garden art to add a finishing touch to outdoor spaces. Perfect presents for home lovers and those who enjoy spending time in the garden. And you can find more gift ideas in our special collection of home Ornaments.

107 products
Novelty One Cup Teapots - Peach Perfect - 1
Beach Hut One Cup Teapot by Carter's of Suffolk
Hand decorated table protector in black, red and gold  - Peach Perfect
Hand decorated table protector by Elemental Designware - Peach Perfect
Hand Decorated Table Protector by Elemental Designware
Bright red bird house with a natural coloured roof and door, entry hole, 2 x decorative port holes on the front, one visible on the side with a life belt decoration, hanging from a maple tree.
Front & back views of the nesting box, side showing decoration of two crossed oars , two decorative windows on the back where the box can be opened for cleaning
Bayside Beach Hut Bird House
Novelty teapot in the form of a blue and white traditional caravan with a painted window and door. The roof, with a chimney and roof rack, forms the lid.
Caravan One Cup Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
Teapot that looks like a cake, with red stripes and a lid with red speckles and a cherry for a lid.
Cup Cake Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
Brown leather Pocket book light standing upright on a table slightly open showing the light emitting from the leaves
Brown leather mini book light partially open lying flat on a white background
Smart Book Light by Gingko
A cut out tree within a metal circle in a rusty brown colour. There are three birds sitting within the tree
Tree of life ornament hanging against a brick wall painted white
Tree of Life Garden Wall Ornament
Soprano Gregorian Chime - Peach Perfect
Soprano Gregorian Chime Scale - Peach Perfect
Woodstock Soprano Gregorian Chime
Hand blown Glass diffusers - Amethyst - Peach Perfect
Hand blown Glass diffusers - Emerald Green - Peach Perfect
Handmade Glass Scent Diffusers by D&J Glassware
Cylinder vase in green with white and yellow long stem flowers standing in a window.
White cylindrical glass vase with swirls of other colours - pink, blue, green, red
Handmade Glass Cylinder Vases by D&J Glassware
Green man novelty bird feeder - Peach Perfect
Fair Trade Green Man Bird House by Sunlover
Light on a table expanded to look like an accordion with octagonal wooden ends, light reflected on the shiny surface.
Accordion light fully open to create a circle with the two magnetic wooden ends together, like a fully open fan, sitting flat n a table.
Smart Accordian Lamp by Gingko
Tall enamelled teapot in white with dark blue trim. Round hole on the side for the birds. Hanging  with a chain. Has the words 'La Maison de Fleurs.  Rue de la lavande, Paris'
Whire enamelled french style coffee pot birdhouse hanging in a tree.
French Teapot Bird House
Thai birdhouse - Rustic wooden bird house hanging in a tree
Thai bird nester - simple wooden house with an ornate  straw roof
Fair Trade Thai Birdhouse
Scot Tea Dog Carter's Novelty Teapot - Peach Perfect
Large Scot Tea Dog Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
The Original Den Kit | Peach Perfect
The Original Den Kit | Peach Perfect
The Original Den Kit
Novelty teapot in the shape of a man with a white apron, blue trousers and shirt, incorporating the teapot spoot and handle, with a cap on his head (which is the lid), a cottage loaf in his hand, a bread basket over his shoulder, standing on  a plinth with 'The Baker' written on it and two biscuits beside.
Baker Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
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Chakra Chime with 7 stones - peach perfect
Notes of the seven stones
Woodstock 7 stone Chakra Chime
Sleek baton shaped light with frosted glass lit up at one end and a wooden handle showing Gingko, held in a hand
Close up of the charging point and the on/off switch at the end of the baton light, with cable plugged in
Smart Baton Light by Gingko
Irish Blessing Wind chime - Peach Perfect
Irish Blessing Wind chime scale - Peach Perfect
Woodstock Irish Blessing Chime
Silver Atomiser aroma diffuser with red light - Peach Perfect
Tear drop glass ornament with a funnel at the top to allow the aroma out,  on turquoise colour setting, on a table with lamp and a picture
Atomiser Aroma Diffusers by Sienna Glass
Gingko leaf patterned accordion light with the cool white light. Opened out into a full circle , standing on a table.
Gingko Print accordion light opened up into a semi circle, standing on a table.
Smart Accordian Lamp - Green Velvet Gingko
Beach Huts bird house | Peach Perfect
Beach Huts bird house | Peach Perfect
Beach Huts bird house
Caravan Novelty Teapot by Carters of Suffolk -  Peach Perfect - 1
Large Caravan Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
Dinner for two Novelty Teapot by Carters of Suffolk - Peach Perfect - 2
Large Dinner-For-Two Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
Green aga full-size teapot by Carters of Suffolk - peach Perfect
Large Aga Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
Novelty Teapots - Peach Perfect - 4
Large Piano Teapot