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Food of Love: A Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons


The Food of Love: A Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons is a unique combination of modern Elizabethan recipes, literature and food history.  In Shakespeare's plays and poems there are no less than 2,000 culinary references. In this beautifully illustrated hardback book you will find a delicious selection of Elizabethan recipes adapted and updated for the contemporary kitchen, from 16th Century English cookery books and recipe collections, together with anecdotes and explanations from the Bard's plays. Arranged by season, each section describes the celebrations and associated dishes, including some interesting original instructions! 'To Crimp a cod....take your cod whilst alive and cut it in slices'. Well maybe not...

A great gift for lovers of cookery, food history, literature or just lovely books!

Kate says:'This is a book of recipes, not a how-to-cook book. Some knowledge of basic cooking techniques is useful. I have successfully cooked a number of delicous dishes!'