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Large Friendship balls by Sienna Glass - 15cm


Since the 17th century, glass blowers in eastern Europe made balls at the end of the day to utilise the glass remaining in the furnace. Given as gifts, these hand-blown glass balls (diameter 15cm) have traditionally been known as a symbol of friendship and good luck. Hung in the light, these beautiful Friendship Balls will sparkle. Each is as unique as the friend who gives it!

Perfect for many occasions - Birthday's, weddings or a simple thank you! The gold ball is perfect for a Golden Wedding anniversary as is the silver one for a silver anniversary.

The pink and the blue balls make great naming or Christening presents which will retain their appeal into adulthood.  

Kate says: This picture really doesn't do the beautiful gold ball justice. It is very difficult to capture the subtle hues produced by the light. See Daphne's review

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