Special Occasions

    Thoughtful presents for major life events, such as big birthdays (30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th), anniversaries, weddings, naming/christenings, and bereavements. Choose something meaningful from our selection of meaningful gift ideas, or you could even make up one of our gorgeous anniversary or newborn cross-stitch samplers to create a truly unique personalised gift.

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    Antique wash Willow picnic basket _ 2 person_Peach Perfect
    Willow picnic basket - inside - Peach Perfect
    Willow Chiller Picnic Hamper - 2 person
    Matched Olive Wood pens - Peach Perfect - 1
    Matched Olive Wood pens - Peach Perfect - 2
    Matched Olive Wood pens
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    Rainbow Maker Crystal Suncatcher with 50m Swarovski Twister Pendant
    Scot Tea Dog Carter's Novelty Teapot - Peach Perfect
    Large Scot Tea Dog Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
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    Chakra Chime with 7 stones - peach perfect
    Notes of the seven stones
    Woodstock 7 stone Chakra Chime
    Irish Blessing Wind chime - Peach Perfect
    Irish Blessing Wind chime scale - Peach Perfect
    Woodstock Irish Blessing Chime
    Caravan Novelty Teapot by Carters of Suffolk -  Peach Perfect - 1
    Large Caravan Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
    Dinner for two Novelty Teapot by Carters of Suffolk - Peach Perfect - 2
    Large Dinner-For-Two Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
    Green aga full-size teapot by Carters of Suffolk - peach Perfect
    Large Aga Teapot by Carters of Suffolk
    Novelty Teapots - Peach Perfect - 4
    Large Piano Teapot
    Glass ornament in the form of an angel with wings and a halo. Body of angel is light blue and the head & halo are golden. Standing on an illuminated base.
    Circle of 19 glass balls ranging through blues, pinks, red, yellow and green, with white, black and multi coloured inside the circle. Balls are numbered from 1 to 11
    Remembrance Angel by Harmony Glass
    from £145.00
    5 remembrance paperweight s- 3 x round and 2 x conical - in different colours
    Large remembrance paperweight - conical glass shape with swirls of red
    Remembrance Paperweight by Harmony Glass
    from £145.00
    A tall tapering glass ornament with swirls of pink and purple rising inside.
    Colour wheel of 22 different colours through shades of blue, pink, red, yellow and green
    Remembrance Teepee by Harmony Glass
    from £375.00
    Flame of life remembrance glass ornament - Fluted shape from base with multi coloured swirls rising from the base to the top.
    Flame of Life - Remembrance art by Harmony Glass
    from £399.00