Atomiser Aroma Diffusers

Silver Atomiser aroma diffuser with red light - Peach Perfect
Tear drop glass ornament with a funnel at the top to allow the aroma out,  on turquoise colour setting, on a table with lamp and a picture
Atomiser aroma diffuser - silver - Peach Perfect
Sienna glass atomiser diffuser - Peach Perfect
Atomiser Aroma Diffusers

Atomiser Aroma Diffusers

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These beautiful, handcrafted essential oil diffusers utilise ultrasonic atomisation to fragrance and purify your home without heat and the degradation of the oils. Use in conjunction with your favourite essential oil to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment, with the addition of LED lighting. Add interest to a room with ever changing colours or pick the colour according to your mood.  

See the Atomiser Aroma Diffuser changing colour 

 Kate says: 'Atomisation is the best way to create an aromatic and therapeutic environment with essential oils as the chemical composition of the oils is not changed and the beneficial quality of the essential oil is maintained.'

Buy a starter essential oil from our collection

Comes boxed with full instructions on how to use. 

Approx. 12 x 14 cm


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