About Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca was inspired to create her natural aromatherapy fragrances ten years ago, when living among the intoxicating scents of sub-tropical Andalucia in southern Spain.  Before moving to Stratford and starting her artisan business, she worked with leading perfumer Nicholas Jennings to create successful, award-winning organic perfumes. 

Rebecca is passionate about sharing her knowledge of aromatherapy and its benefits.  In her Aromatherapy Perfume workshop, she shows how essential oils are created and how good your nose really can be when you do a “blind smell” of each of the scents she shares with you.   

You can find out more about Aromatherapy Perfume workshops and buy your Shakespeare Country Gift Experience voucher here.  If you would like to book your own exclusive Aromatherapy Perfume event, please email Ros [link] quoting ref. SCGE/AP1.

     Rebecca Tracey - Shakespeare Country Gift Experience, Peach Perfect     Aromatherapy Perfume workshop - Shakespeare Country Gift Experience, Peach Perfect

Did You Know ...

People have been fascinated by the healing properties of plants and herbs since prehistoric times. 

Ancient Egyptians used oils in embalming and the Greeks believed sweet smelling aromas were magical.  

Queen Elizabeth I used to carry a rose scented pomander to protect against disease as well as odours, and Tudor doctors wore beak-shaped masks containing bergamot oil to protect themselves from plague.

The first recorded lab test on the antibacterial effects of essential oils took place in 1887, after workers processing flowers and herbs seemed to be less at risk of contracting tuberculosis.

The term aromatherapy was first used in the late 1920s, following the French discovery that lavender oil could help to heal burns and reduce scarring.