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Birthstone Sentiments

Our lovely guardian angels and angel wing hearts come with tags expressing a sentiment according to the colour of the crystal. Here they are listed below.

If it is a birthday gift then we suggest you choose according to the birthstone. However if it is for another occasion - an engagement or wedding maybe or just to give to a special someone - then pick the message that resonates the most. Or just pick for the colour! I was born in July so my birthstone in ruby, and the sentiment fits I think!  

Amethyst  - Spirituality, Clarity, Tranquility

Arora Borealis & Crystal - Purity, Innocence, Good Fortune

Aquamarine - Honesty, Serenity, Courage

Blue Zircon - Prosperity, Wisdom, Courage

Rose / Deep Rose - Truth, Intuition, Happiness

Emerald - Faith, Courage, Foresight

Gold - Wisdom, Wealth, Prosperity

Garnet - Passion, Desire, Commitment

Light Amethyst - Spirituality, Clarity, Tranquility

Majestic blue - Truth Prosperity Faithfulness

Peridot - Understanding, Destiny, Purpose

Ruby - Heart, Passion, Nobility

Silver -  Intuition, Imagination, Illusion

Topaz -  Love, Success, Fidelity