About Ros Ingram

Ros is an expert at recycling and repurposing domestic objects, fusing them with brightly glazed porcelain and transforming them into magical, colourful works of art.  She has exhibited her ceramic sculptures throughout Europe, Dubai and California and has been artist in residence at several schools in the Midlands. 

Ros encourages you to have fun and be creative in her Ceramic Animal Sculpting workshops.  She shows you how to sculpt your starting piece of clay into an artful, adorable ceramic creature to take home with you.

You can find out more about Ceramic Animal Sculpting workshops and buy your Shakespeare Country Gift Experience voucher here.  If you would like to book your own exclusive Animal Sculpting event, please email Ros [link] quoting ref. SCGE/CA1.

Ros Ingham - Shakespeare Country Gift Experiences, Peach Perfect    Animal Sculpture Gift Experience - Peach Perfect

Did You Know ...

The earliest known ceramic art work is a statuette of a woman from a prehistoric settlement in the Czech Republic. 

The Ancient Egyptians invented kilns and glazes and the Romans loved all forms of engraved pottery: tableware, lamps, ceramic figures and tiles. 

Ceramic money boxes (very similar to modern versions) were used at theatres to collect playgoers’ coins and then smashed after the performance.  One of the few surviving ones is owned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Josiah Wedgwood opened the first pottery factory in the mid-eighteenth century.  He had an eye for marketing - when Catherine the Great ordered a 952-piece table service, he showed it at a private open house before shipping it to Russia, creating huge demand for Wedgwood's mass produced version.

Bernard Leach, "father of the modern studio ceramic movement" promoting the artistic value of handcrafted work, set up his studio in St Ives 100 years ago.