About Kerry Griffiths

Kerry became fascinated by the power of crystals while travelling in Australia, before subsequently training in Crystal Healing in Cornwall.  She has been a qualified massage and holistic therapist for sixteen years and has featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine.

Kerry loves to work with different energies and therapies.  She will share her knowledge about the healing properties of crystals and the chakra, and teach you effective relaxation techniques to take away from this workshop.

You can find out more about Crystal Chakra Healing workshops and buy your Shakespeare Country Gift Experience voucher here.  If you would like to book your own exclusive Crystal Healing event, please email Kerry [link] quoting ref. SCGE/CH1.

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Did You Know ...

Crystals have been used in civilisations around the world for healing, protection and divination, for over 5,000 years. 

The name comes from the Greek word for “ice”, as it was believed that clear quartz was frozen water which would never melt. 

John Dee, Elizabethan astrologer and mathematician, had a crystal which he claimed was given to him by an angel to make the mystical Philosopher’s Stone - legends said this could turn metal into gold and act as an elixir of life.

Crystal chakra healing derives from the ancient Indian tradition of placing crystals on the body in alignment with a person’s energy field, the points of which are called chakras. 

There are seven chakras, each relating to the body, mind, and spirit working in unison to promote relaxation, emotional wellbeing and spiritual balance.