We are always on the lookout for products to add to our collection. Our only criteria are:

  • High quality
  • Unusual or different, preferably with a story to tell which makes it unique.

To use the example of Solmate socks . Socks are not in themselves unusual items but these have unique qualities viz. They don't match, they are made from recycled cotton and they are high quality.

  • Suitable as a gift
  • Immediately appealing on the web

I.e. appealing from just a photograph and a description. It goes without saying we need high quality pictures to do it justice.

The products can be sourced from the UK or Worldwide.

Stock or Drop Ship

For smaller and less expensive items we buy in and send directly to the customer however for larger or more expensive items there are benefits to both parties to fulfil directly from the supplier. Viz.

  • We can display a much wider selection on the website.
  • As we have no physical store there is no benefit to us or the customer to actually holding the stock. It just increases our overheads
  • The cut we take is smaller if you are doing the work of shipping.

In either case the order is taken by Peach Perfect and payment is taken directly. Payment terms are 30 days after shipment. By becoming a supplier you agree to the Peach Perfect Terms and Conditions for returns and cancellations unless there is good reason for being different and this is agreed and clearly stated at time of ordering.

Please do contact us if you think your products may fit our criteria.