Terms & Conditions for Event Organisers

T&Cs for Event Organisers, Shakespeare Country Gift Experiences

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions upon which Peach Perfect may sell vouchers for Shakespeare Country Gift Experiences ("Vouchers") and may promote Exclusive Events run by an event organiser ("Event Organiser"). These Terms and Conditions, together with any written variations agreed by the parties hereto, comprise the entire Agreement.

Peach Perfect may sell Vouchers (for between two to four people) for workshops and/or events run by the Event Organiser (“Workshops”) via this website (“the Site”). Peach Perfect may also promote Exclusive Events (Workshops tailored by the Event Organiser for specific groups) via the Site. Peach Perfect neither has nor assumes any responsibility for any of the Workshops or Exclusive Events.

The Term of this Agreement commences when both parties confirm their willingness to proceed in writing and shall continue for a minimum of six months thereafter. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party 30 days’ written notice.

The Event Organiser will advise Peach Perfect of any changes to the Workshops in writing. It is the Event Organiser’s responsibility to ensure all such information is accurate and Peach Perfect cannot be held liable for any errors.

For each Voucher sold, the Event Organiser will pay a commission to Peach Perfect of 10% of the total value of the Voucher or £10, whichever is the greater. For each Exclusive Event where initial contact with the Event Organiser has been made via the Site, the Event Organiser will likewise pay a commission to Peach Perfect of 10% of the total value of the Exclusive Event or £10, whichever is the greater.

Peach Perfect will notify the Event Organiser of any Voucher sales within 48 hours of sale and the Event Organiser will invoice Peach Perfect for the value of said Vouchers less commission on a monthly basis. The Event Organiser will notify Peach Perfect of any confirmed Exclusive Events within 48 hours of sale and Peach Perfect shall invoice the Event Organiser for the commission relating to said Exclusive Events on a monthly basis.

The Event Organiser will deliver the Workshops and Exclusive Events to the best of the Event Organiser’s ability and in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, health and safety and insurance requirements (including without limitation any social distancing guidelines and health and safety requirements and recommendations regarding coronavirus or any other outbreaks of illness, disease or conditions affecting public health).

The Event Organiser shall not do nor allow anything to be done that damages or is likely to damage Peach Perfect’s reputation.

The Event Organiser will support any additional promotional activity to market the Workshops and/or Exclusive Events that may reasonably be undertaken by Peach Perfect. For the avoidance of doubt, Peach Perfect will not commit the Event Organiser to any costs without the prior consent of the Event Organiser.

In the event of any claim being pursued against Peach Perfect in connection with Workshops and/or Exclusive Events delivered by the Event Organiser, the Event Organiser shall fully indemnify Peach Perfect against any such claim including any direct and indirect losses arising therefrom. Peach Perfect disclaims liability to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Peach Perfect's maximum liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the price of any Voucher sold for the Workshop to which said claim relates. 

Neither party shall acquire or seek to acquire any rights to the existing Intellectual Property Rights owned or used by the other party under this Agreement.

Each party shall keep confidential all information that is expressly stated to be, or would reasonably be deemed to be, confidential.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law.

Please note that access to and use of this Site is subject to additional applicable terms. In the event of any conflict between these additional terms and the Terms and Conditions hereto, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Peach Perfect reserves the right to revise and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.