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'For the Love of Butterflies' Gift Box by Wildlife World


Create a butterfly habitat haven in your garden with this gift pack. Inside the box is a Butterfly Barn which provides a safe home for butterflies and many other pollinating insects, such as moths and lacewings. The slatted centre provides resting and sheltering spots. The Barn’s recycled plastic door allows access to the nesting compartment for cleaning and to carefully observe species during cooler weather.

The gift bundle also contains specially formulated Butterfly food, a pack of seeds to grow colourful nectar-rich wildflowers that attract and feed butterflies and a conservation guide on Butterflies.

The perfect gift for wildlife lovers, particularly those with a fondness for butterflies and moths.


  • The Butterfly Barn in it's gift box
  • Butterfly food 
  • A pack of nectar-rich Wildflower SeedsGP018
  • Conservation Guide on Butterflies
  • Cardboard Gift Box with natural straw packing 

Dimensions: 30 × 26.5 × 18.5 cm