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Hedgehog Haus


The Hedgehog Haus by Wildlife World comes with a free Field Guide to Hedgehogs.  With it's small wooden entrance tunnel, this luxury hedgehog house provides  safe shelter from predators such as badgers and foxes, and other garden hazards like forks and pets. The hedgehog haus is designed primarily for shelter but can be used for winter hibernation with some additional brushwood cover.   

Inside there is a painted steel frame and a felted water-proof roof, which is covered with textured brushwood and decorated with rattan bands. 

The hedgehog haus comes in a hedgehog decorated gift box and with a Field Guide to Hedgehogs, a 4-page double-sided laminated guide which gives advice on how to protect hedgehogs, including hedgehog-friendly gardening and feeding.

A delightful present for wild life lovers and hedgehogs need all the help they can get these days! 

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 380mm x D 490mm