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Ladies Golfer Luggage Set


This shocking pink golfers luggage set will turn heads in the locker room! 3 practical items which any golfer will appreciate, made of wipe clean polyester and  all embroidered with a lady golfer. 

The set includes a shoe bag, a small handbag with a carabiner to attach to the golf bag for all those essential items, and a purse, perfect for a locker card and some change. The purse also has a clip. 

We also have it in black for those less girly!


Shoe bag 16cm(H) x 34cm(W) x 17cm(D) 

Handbag 12cm(H) x 17.5cm(W)

Purse 10.5cm(H) x 8cm(W)

Why not add some quirky marker?

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