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Moonie Humming Bunny Night Light


The Moonie bunny is a magical invention that helps baby sleep with white and pink noises which restarts when baby moans or cries. It also emits a delicate night light in 7 different colours that help babies to overcome the fear of the dark.  

The Moonie is also, of course, a lovely, cuddly rabbit that babies and young children will love for comfort during the night or at all nap times. It is also washable!

A unique present idea for new babies that is a real help to the parents in settling baby at sleep time.

Kate says: 'Pink noise? I'd not heard of it either! White noise has constant intensity whereas in pink noise the intensity decreases as frequency increases so is smoother and more soothing across all frequencies.'

Product details:

Soothing white and pink noise generator which aids restful sleep 

Smart cry detector 

Night light lamp 

USB rechargeable - it takes about 3hrs to fully charge a completely flat battery. When full it will provide 8-10hrs of continuous work depending on the mode.

Charging cable included

Washable - sound device is removable for washing in a washing machine at 40C

12 months manufacturer's gaurantee. 

Designed and created in UK