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Murder Mystery on the Night Train by Talking Tables


Host your own thrilling Murder Mystery night from Talking Tables with this Night Train murder set. The pack contains props, clues and weapons to stage and solve the mystery of 'who dunnit', just like Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, except this is the European Belle!  

Up to 12 players can participate, including the host who reads the welcome speech to introduce the characters and sets the scene of the story

Replayable over 3 times. Perfect gift for friends to play at Christmas or a 1930s themed party at any time.


  • An Instruction booklet
  • 13x Name Badges
  • 12x Character Cards
  • 12x Secret Trait Cards
  • 12x Round One Cards
  • 12x Challenge Cards
  • 9x Murder Weapon Props
  • 3x Solution Sheets & Envelopes
  • 3x Sets of Round Two Cards
  • 3 Sets of Round Three Cards
  • 3x Award Trophies
  • 1x Evidence File
  • 1x Detective Notepad
  • 1x Accusation & Voting PadIncludes an Instruction booklet

Recommended from 16+